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Breeze Pro Blueberry Banana Disposable Vape Flavors

Breeze Pro Blueberry Banana Disposable Vape Flavors

The Breeze Pro is the next generation of the popular Breeze disposable vape. It offers more hits, new and exciting flavors, and a smooth vapor experience.

The top Breeze Pro flavors include: Lush Ice, which combines the refreshing taste of watermelon and menthol. Strawberry Peach Mint is a perfect combination of two sweet fruits and refreshing mint.

Flavor Profile

A harmonious blend of succulent blueberries and creamy bananas creates a mouthwatering symphony for the palate. Breeze Pro Blueberry Banana invites you to indulge in this fusion of taste and sensation, transporting your mind and senses to a tropical paradise.

This next-gen disposable features a powerful 1000mAh battery capable of delivering up to 2000 puffs, a 6ml E-Liquid capacity and an advanced mesh coil design. It’s these details that have made the Breeze Pro a top-selling disposable on the market.

As the vapor dances across your tongue, the succulent sweetness of juicy blueberries begins to emerge. Then, as the flavor lingers on your palate, the velvety richness of ripe bananas will begin to appear, adding a delectable creaminess that will balance the sweetness perfectly. Then, the flavor will linger on your palate for a long and satisfying exhale. A delightful experience from start to finish. Vape with ease with the Blueberry Banana flavor profile.


The Breeze Pro disposable vaporizer has quickly become one of the leading options on the market. It features a new advanced mesh coil that maximizes e-liquid absorption, resulting in smooth and satisfying vapor. It has a 6mL e-liquid capacity and a 1000mAh battery that will allow you to enjoy 2,000 puffs before it needs to be recharged.

Inhale the delicious taste of banana and berries for a rich and smooth experience that will leave you craving more. This flavor is reminiscent of your favorite energy drink and will give you wings!

Breeze Pro Pods are the perfect way to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to a healthier alternative. These disposable vaporizers are sleek and user-friendly, making the transition to vaping easy for everyone. They come pre-filled with a powerful 1000mAh battery, a 6mL e-liquid, and 5% salt nicotine. The Breeze Pro is available in many different flavors, so you can find the one that best fits your style.


Blueberry Banana offers the perfect balance of creamy bananas and sweet blueberries for a rich inhale and sweet exhale finish. A refreshing and delicious flavor that is sure to please vapers everywhere.

Breeze Pro is the next generation disposable pod device from Breeze Smoke. It features an advanced mesh coil that enhances flavour and provides smoother vapor. The Breeze Pro is equipped with a powerful 1000mAh battery and a 6ml capacity of e-liquid for long vaping sessions.

It is easy to use, even for a beginner. It only takes a few presses on the fire button to activate the device. After activation, you can adjust the fan speed and power settings.

It is important to note that although vaping poses fewer health risks than traditional combustion smoking devices, it does not eliminate all nicotine or other harmful chemicals from the body. The aerosol from electronic cigarettes may still contain these chemicals, though they are diluted in a much lower percentage than in tobacco products.


The Breeze Pro disposable vape has earned a reputation for its high-quality performance and impressive features. It comes prefilled with 6ml of E-liquid, has a long-lasting 1000mAh battery, and is available in a range of excellent flavors. It also features a mesh coil that optimizes vapor production and flavor, making it a top-pick among medium puff count devices.

The Blueberry Banana flavor profile is a harmonious balance of creamy bananas and succulent blueberries, providing you with a smooth and rich inhale with a sweet finish. Its irresistible flavor has made it one of the most popular Breeze Pro flavors.

Another top-rated Breeze Pro flavor is Cherry Lemon, which combines the sweetness of cherries and the crispness of lemons to create a refreshing taste. You can also try Watermelon Mint, which blends the sweetness and juiciness of watermelon with a blast of ice-cold menthol to deliver a refreshing vaping experience. All of these Breeze Pro flavors have received a wide range of positive reviews.